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Cheats for some PC games, some Wii games, some PS2, and some PS3 games (that are also on PC). We also do walkthroughs, too. Video and text. Walkthroughs coming soon! Click 'Notice' button for details. Stay tune for the latest updates and thanks for using our site for cheats, looking for easter eggs, and for the walkthroughs!
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Here is the link to our own homemade Tic-Tac-Toe game.

Wii Cheats

Super Smash Bros Brawl

Rated T


Hidden Characters

(160) = number of VS. matches total and every character can be unlock in Brawl's Campaign Mode (Adventure Mode)

Metroid Prime Trilogy

Rated T
This game is 3 different games, 2 from the GameCube and 1 from the Wii in a Collector's Edition

Metroid Prime

There are 49 Missle Expansions, 14 E-Tanks, and 4 Powerbomb Expansions

PC Cheats

Portal/Portal 2

Portal - Rated E; Portal 2 - Rated E10+

Enable Cheats

Press ` key and type in to the developer console "sv_cheats 1"

Half-Life 2 Weapons

After typing in "sv_cheats 1", press ` again and type in "impulse 101"

For more cheats on Portal or Portal 2, click the links: Portal 2 Portal

Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

Rated T
Some cheats might not work on newer versions of this game.


Press Shift and ` to get to the console and type devmapall or helpusobi 1 to enable the cheats.
You can bind keys to cheats by typing BIND"(key to bind the cheat to)""(cheat you want to bind)"
The Kung Fu cheat is for single player only.

Setting Specific Force Power Levels

Replace X with 1, 2, or 3.
Set Mind Trick to 4 for it to be way better.
You can basicly get the max damage in the game at the first level using that Saber cheat.


During the game, do the same thing to bypass the cheat firewall. Then type in as follows to change your lightsaber in-game.

Replace INTEGER with 1


Here are the list of vehicles that you can spawn in the game.
NPCs (Non-playable Characters)
Here is where you can find the list to spawn NPCs: IGN.

To kill the NPCs, type npc kill all and it will kill all the NPCs in the mission (Might even complete the mission for you).


Saber Blaster

Before facing the 2nd to last boss in the game (Tavion), swap to your sniper rifle (E-11 Blaster Rifle), then enter the room. After the cutscene you should be holding a blaster in 1 hand but your saber is attached at the end.

Turn it on and have fun (switch weapons to change it back).

PS2 Cheats

Ratchet Deadlocked

Rated T

Skins (Campaign)

Here are the skins for Campaign:

You get stars by beating skills on the planets.

Exterminator Cards

Here are the Exterminator Cards:

Only can be obtained in Challenge Mode

Hero Mode

Beat the game on Exterminator or Gladiator difficulty.

I knew most of this stuff but 1/4 of it was off of CHEATS.IGN.COM

Easter Eggs

Wii Games

Super Smash Bros Brawl

Snake's Codec

Need to have the taunts mapped to the D-Pad on either the GameCube or the Wii controller and must be Snake

Once you're on the Shadow Moses Island map, you keep tapping down on the D-Pad (if you got the taunts mapped to your D-Pad)

You'll, then, kneel down and he'll take out his Codec and talk to some Metal Gear Soild characters.

Star Fox Cinversations

Need to have taunts mapped for the D-Pad and must be either Fox, Falco, or Wolf

You need to play on the Lylat Cruise or Corneria stage and need to rapidly press on the D-Pad until a Star Fox character pops-up and starts talking to you.


Metroid Prime Trilogy

Metroid Prime

Seeing Your Reflection

There are these round mirrors around Tallon IV that you can stand right in front of it and see yourself in the mirror.

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Foreign Language Clues

There are 2 foreign language clues that both relate to Dark Samus. In the beginning, you can examine the life support system, the screen will fill with semmingly-random letters.

It's French, even if it looks like an alien language. It reads "Vous mourez si votre resistance est forte." which is "You die if your resistance is strong".

Close to the end, you'll find German text which reads "Kampfen Gandrayada, die Zahl von einer falschen freund" meaning "Fight Gandrayada, the figure of a false friend."

The German has technical grammer problems when you translate their sentences.

The Corruption egg I got off IGN but I found the Metroid Prime one myself

PC Games


Aperture Science Login

This Egg is found in Chamber 17. One malfunctioning wall panel uncovers a den with cameras and pics of cubes. Right piston and close to the floor is a username and password. The Username - Password is showen here:

Type them in at, then type "Help" if you want to know everything you can do.


Portal 2

Singing Turrets

In Chamber 16, at the beginning, you have to jump over a turret's line of sight, but the turrent is beyond a grate on the wall making it hard to reach.

Play through the chamber like you would normally up until the cubes. Place 1 cube on the bottom, place a portal under the laser and on the wall facing away from the exit

You, then, redirect the laser with the redirection cube into the grate with the turret behind it. The grate will blow off and you can go inside. Go inside and you'll find

yourself in another Rat Man den and a few turrets singing.

Super 8 Themed Stage

How you got this stage is you go to the Extra menu and scroll down to the very bottom were it says "Super 8". Click "Play" and play it until it's done and see what happens.

The first egg is from CHEATS.IGN.COM, but the last one I did myself.


Here is where you can get the lasted help on the games on my website. Walkthroughs coming soon!

Wii Games

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Click here for the Ocarina of Time Walkthrough from
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The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Click here for the Twilight Princess Walkthrough from
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If you're playing the GameCube version, still use this walkthrough but go the oppisite direction.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Click here for the Skyward Sword Walkthrough from
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For more walkthroughs by ZeldaDungeon, just go to for more on The Legend of Zelda games.